Thursday, April 05, 2007

Baby step for Marriage Equality.

There has been another “baby step” for marriage equality. The New Hampshire House voted on a bill that would give same-sex couples the same rights as married heterosexuals. The vote in favor of marriage equality was rather impressive: 243 in support and 129 opposed.

The Right-wing Marriage Alliance rallied outside the legislature and then packed the gallaries. At one point when Republican Steve Vaillancourt rose to speak in favor of marriage equality they booed and shouted at him. Several Right-wing protestors had to be removed from the gallary for their actions.

Typical of the double-speak of the Religious Right a spokesman for the Cornerstone Policy Research Centers, Karen Testerman, said that granting marriage equality makes “the homosexual community a special class.” How downright Orwellian the logic. If the right to marry is defined to exclude gays that is equality but it it includes gays then it’s special rights.

The Republican Party, still acting as the lap-dog of the American Taliban, in Indiana had public fits because an anti-equality law they were attempting to push through the legislature failed.