Saturday, May 12, 2007

This man needs a therapist.

Joseph Nicolosi heads an anti-gay group called the National Association for the Research and Therapy of Homosexuals. It is inspired by a theological condemnation of gay people more than a scientific one.

If you go to their website promising "therapeutic" cures of something that isn't a disease you will find Nicolosi whining. The poor baby feels persecuted and misrepresented. Talk about pot calling kettle. He bitches that when TV shows deal with his version of "therapy" they don't "invite a therapist on their shows to explain it." Note that by "therapist" he means one of his anti-gay allies. Most therapists dismiss Nicolosi's "therapy" as a religiously motivate sham. Cry baby Nicolosi says:"If the mainstream media has any interest in accurately reporting on our therapy, they should invite real reparative therapists to tell their stories."

Gee, I would think that the stories that need telling are the victims of witch-doctors not the witch-doctors themselves. But that aside what happens when the media actually does what Nicolosi demands? Below is a video of one such attempt, when CNN tried to speak to Nicolosi himself. Now remember Nicolosi claims he conconcted this new "therapy" so when it comes to driving out the gay demon he ought to the top expert to interview.

When CNN approaches him to ask for an interview his immediate response is "I don't think so." He complains when the media doesn't interview him and his fellow Svegalis of "reparative therapy". Yet, his first response to a request for an interview is to reject it. Finally, after some persuasion he agrees to an interview. But the man walks into the interview with a chip on his shoulder and brimming over with attitude, anger and a host of his own issues. Nicolosi becomes unhinged and angry over the mildest of questions. Watch his mental meltdown yourself. This has to be one of the shortest interviews on record and it shows Nicolosi for what he is. And yet this man has the audacity to commit therapy and bring "psychological wholeness" to people! What a laugh.

It should be noted that while Nicolosi attacks the CNN reporter for mentioning artistic in this context that, in fact, Nicolosi does precisely that himself. In his book Nicolois describes the traits of boys doomed to homosexuality unless he is unleashed on them to cure them. And he says "A number of them had traits that could be considered gifts: bright, precocious, social and relational and artistically talented." Here are some other quotes from this maniac.
At this early stage, generally before the age of three, Ralph Greenson observed, the boy decides that he would like to grow up like his father. This is a choice. Implicit in that choice is the decision that he would not like to grow up to be like his mother. According to Robert Stoller, "The first order of business in being a man is, 'don't be a woman.'"

Meanwhile, the boy's father has to do his part. He needs to mirror and affirm his son's maleness. He can play rough-and-tumble games with his son, in ways that are decidedly different from the games he would play with a little girl. He can help his son learn to throw and catch a ball. He can teach him to pound a square wooden peg into a square hole in a pegboard. He can even take his son with him into the shower, where the boy cannot help but notice that Dad has a penis, just like his, only bigger.