Friday, August 08, 2008

Seriously deranged.

This blog received a comment that I wanted to share with everyone. And so I’m giving the comment its own posting here. it is from one of those insufferable religious fanatics who is so overflowing with the love of God that they can’t quite decide who to hate first or most.

The begin by saying: “I’m a child of God, and God makes me as good and goodly as anyone else, at all things by His grace.” Okay, so they are just a good as anyone else “at all things”. That would be pretty impressive I’d say. Usually when someone starts out with such comments I assume they are pretty much a failure at everything. Millionairs rarely brag about having money and people with actual talent don’t have to write to others about it.

We then get the obligatory: “Jesus Christ IS Almight God manifest in the flesh, and He saves by His grace.” I really hate typing this crap -- so many capitals in one sentence. Hey, dude, if you want to believe that it is most certainly your right to do so. Mickey Mouse cures cancer and the Easter Bunny is real. Have fun.

Of course, after all this glorifying of their deity they eventually get down to their real message, which is glorifying to no one and shows they are motivated more by hate than anything else.

In this section they left out the capitals. “you really shouldn’t talk. why gay people are so ‘lousy’ when it come to sex is... they are fucking GAY (ooops, found the shift bar again). they are disgusting men having sex with me, that is LOUSY.” Whatever you think of them they sure do go out of their way to prove how articulate they are.

The logic is wonderful. He says gay people are lousy because they are gay. That gay people are gay is hardly news to anyone. But I do wonder how this individual knows gay people are lousy at sex. Normally it would take a representative sampling to support such a statement. Of course, given the moral hypocrisy among these fundamentalists, anything is possible.

What is really astounding, and I think indicative that the individeual is seriously off his rocker, is that he signs his name as “Women = Shit”. This guy, and clearly he is a guy, has some serious mental problems. Of course in fundamentalist circles he’ll fit right in. But this is the type that can easily turn dangerous -- if he hasn’t done so already.