Thursday, May 31, 2007

Can you spot what's missing?

A few days ago Mary Cheney gave birth to a son. Her father is Dick Cheney, the man who is the boss of George Bush. Now we know this White House is faith-driven and gay-hating. The two go together so well.

And we all know that Mary Cheney is gay and has a same-sex partner.

So with the birth the White House releases a photo for the press showing the happy family. There is Mrs. Cheney, and the vice president and the baby. Now this is more of a miracle than the virgin birth story. From this photo you would think the child was born without even a mother. What an odd photo? Mary, and her partner Heather, are simply not there.

I bet the White House would be thrilled if they could make the rest of the gay community disappear just as easily.

The comment King George made was indicative as well. He said: "The vice president took me aside and gave me the good news. He and his wife, Lynne are very happy for Mary. I think Mary is going to be a loving soul to her child. And I'm happy for her." Again what is missing?

Try saying this instead: "...are very happy for Mary and Heather. I think Mary and Heather are going to loving souls to their child. And I'm happy for them." Can't do it can you George?

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Stand by your man.

Clinton: Stab gays in the back

The typical politician is almost always willing to stab people in the back in order to secure power. The more successful he or she is the more people they have stabbed on the way up. Which is why it is hilarious that the gay community is so enamoured with Democrats (not that I’m suggestion Republicans have any virtue).

Ben Smith, at his Politico blog, discusses how Bill Clinton comes off in Robert Shrum’s book No Excuses in regards to the gay community. Shrum’s book is the one which revealed that John Edwards said he was uncomfortable being around gay people -- presumably gay men in particular.

But it also discusses Clinton’s advice to John Kerry regarding the gay vote: stab them in the back. Clinton supposedly said that Kerry “should consider defying Democratic interest groups by endorsing the Bush proposal for a federal constitutional amendment banning gay marriage.” Clinton’s advice was based on the belief that this would undercut Bush with cultural conservatives. And it explains why Clinton was the president who signed the Defense of Marriage Act in 1996.

The book specifically mentions that similar motivations were behind Clinton’s public attack on rapper Sister Souljah for advocating violence against whites -- something he did before Jesse Jackson’s group, the Rainbow Coalition. The location is picked to maximize publicity for the denunciation and win Clinton the maximum support as a result.

One problem the gay community has is that it is so securely voting for Democrats that these politicians know they can do almost anything and still receive the pink vote. It is an abusive marriage. Every time a Democrats smacks the gay community around a bit they come running back for more. On the other hand the Republican Party today is the representative of orgranized hate making it unworthy of support.

This abusive relationship is exacerbated because so many gay politicians themselves are beholden to the Democrats and the various gay “lobby” groups are staffed by individuals who act as full-time shills for the Democrats with it appearing that often they will put the good of the Democratic Party ahead of the good of the community they purport to represent.

There is a solution to this but it is one that the party hacks, who claim to be “leaders” of the gay and lesbian community simply won’t like. For example assume a close race between a Democrat and a Republican in California -- it does happen. The gay community in the major cities should very publicly campaign for the idea that gay voters abstain voting in that one race.

A difference of a few hundred thousand votes in a close race will mean defeat for that one Democrat but without the gay voters actually voting for a Republican. And one extra Republican is unlikely to do too much damage. This tactic would send shivers through the Democratic Party and give them the message that gay votes matters and can’t be taken for granted. Abuse continues in a relationships when the abusive partner assumes their spouse will come running home no matter what happened the night before.

Monday, May 28, 2007

Poland to investigate sex life of Teletubbies

The Holy Inquisition in Poland has begun and the first target they are investigation is the Teletubbies.

Now many people will remember when the insane television evangelist Jerry Falwell had one of his seizures and started attacking the annoying Teletubbies as being gay propaganda. Most the world was laughing at him at the time.

Apparently a few of his fellow Bedlam inmates were listening and have since come to power in Poland. Now the government appointed watchdog for “children’s rights” Ewa Sowinska (my great grandmother was Polish, if I remember correctly, and I could be wrong, Ewa Sowinska in English means “brain of cow excrement”) says she has begun an investigation to find out if the show is a secret gay plot of somekind.

She has asked psychologists to help determine if this is the case. She says she noticed that Tinky Winkin has a purse but “didn’t realize he’s a boy.” I must admit I’ve never known how to tell if a Teletubby is male or female myself. I rarely look at the genitals of stuffed puppets. Apparently Sowinska does examine the privates of television fictional creatures. How else would she know Tinky Winky’s gender -- its not on his (I presume) driver’s license.

Sowinska says she thought that carrying a purse would be a burden for a Teletubby but later “learned that this may a homosexual undertone.” Now, I’m worried. My grandmother had a purse. Could it be? No, but maybe I should start an investigation. In fact she lived in a very Polish part of town, even the shop signs were in Polish, and all the women there carried purses. No wonder Poland is worried. It’s an epidemic but obviously started long before the Teletubbies.

In the show the “purse” is actually referred to as a magic bag. But never mind facts. With a watchdog like this one in Poland for “children’s rights” I suggest people avoid having children until a new government is elected. These people are nuts. Really, folks, I'm not making this up. Anyway I heard Tinky Winky was involved with on the sly with Minnie Mouse, this has Mickey in a rage and he is threatening divorce. But there are rumors about Goofy and Donald Duck which I won't repeat here as I understand they are vacationing in Poland at this time and I don't want them deported.

Photo: The Teletubbies.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Nazis and Russian police attack gay petitioners.

When the cruel communist regime in Russia collapsed it was thought that freedom might come to Russia. Unforutnatley nothing like that is happening. Russia is galloping back into a new Stalinism under the corrupt regime of Putin. Putin includes the Stalinist centralized control of the economy with nationalist bigotry more akin to fascism. And this mixture of evil is permeating the Russian nation.

One telling example of this was the attack on various individuals from the West, including members of parliament, who tried to deliver a petition to the fascist mayor of Moscow begging for permission for gay people to have a public parade. The mayor has out-Falwelled Falwell on this issue.

Various individuals, including elected officials from Germany and Italy, tried to deliver a petition to the thug in city hall. The petitioners were attacked by crowds urged on by the Russian Orthodox Church. Historically the Russian Orthodox Church counts as one of the most corrupt religions in the world. It was in bed with the Tsars when they ruled Russia with a iron fist. They rolled over and cooperated with the Communists when they controlled Russia and now they pander to the most authoritarian segments of the Russian society. And just recently the Russian Orthodox churches in the West put themselves under the “discipline” of these authoritarians again -- something they ended when the church was playing footsy with communists.

Russian politicians are supporting this antigay prejudice and encouraging it. And the Russian police stood on the sidelines allowing the attacks to take place mimicking the corrupt socialist regime of Robert Mugabe in Zimbabwe. When Marco Capatto, a member of the European Parliament was attacked he demanded protection from the Russian police. They instead arrested him.

Russia is not a free country. It is not ruled by decent men but by thugs. And the rest of the world needs to realize this. Putin deserves no respect and Russia no support or aid from any international body. But don’t expect that to happen. After all they are only beating up a bunch of faggots.

Of course I'm waiting for that moron, Scott Long, of Human Rights Watch to argued that Russian police attack gays only because the inequities they suffered from the West during the Cold War. (See this article to understand what I mean.) Film of the attack can be found on the BBC by following the link provided here.

Update: More information on the attack on gay petitioners by Nazis, churchgoers, and Russian police has come out. The Russian police, still used to the KGB methods of lying, claim that arrest German member of parliament Volker Beck to protect him from being beaten. Beck said that when the police arrested him it was the police who beat him.

Associated Press reports that there were at least 100 police present who did not act to prevent the mob of skinheads and religious groups from attacking the small group of individuals who had gone to city hall to present a petition to the mayor to allow freedom of assembly. An official spokesman for the government of Moscow praised the police for the attack saying that what they did was a “coordinated and polite” action “in strict accordance with the law.” Things haven’t change since the antigay Communists ran Moscow.

Associated Press confirms that in addition to the neo-Nazi groups there were individuals who “carried icons or other isignia of the Russian Orthodox Church and one man wore the garb of an Orthodox priest.” The reporter for AP says that one attacked well-known gay rights activist Peter Tatchell of England and then a man being punching him. Police ignored both of them and arrested Tatchell. They also report that none of the people who actually did the attacking were arrested only the victims.

Richard Fairbrass, the singer from Right Said Fred was also attacked at the scene who spoke to reporters with blood dripping from his face.

The German Green Party has asked Chancellor Angela Merkel to raise the issue of human rights at the upcoming G8 meeting with the leader of the Russian regime,Vladimir Putin. I suspect Merkel is going to be too busy trying to upstage the US about carbon dioxide emissions to worry about such things.