Sunday, May 27, 2007

Nazis and Russian police attack gay petitioners.

When the cruel communist regime in Russia collapsed it was thought that freedom might come to Russia. Unforutnatley nothing like that is happening. Russia is galloping back into a new Stalinism under the corrupt regime of Putin. Putin includes the Stalinist centralized control of the economy with nationalist bigotry more akin to fascism. And this mixture of evil is permeating the Russian nation.

One telling example of this was the attack on various individuals from the West, including members of parliament, who tried to deliver a petition to the fascist mayor of Moscow begging for permission for gay people to have a public parade. The mayor has out-Falwelled Falwell on this issue.

Various individuals, including elected officials from Germany and Italy, tried to deliver a petition to the thug in city hall. The petitioners were attacked by crowds urged on by the Russian Orthodox Church. Historically the Russian Orthodox Church counts as one of the most corrupt religions in the world. It was in bed with the Tsars when they ruled Russia with a iron fist. They rolled over and cooperated with the Communists when they controlled Russia and now they pander to the most authoritarian segments of the Russian society. And just recently the Russian Orthodox churches in the West put themselves under the “discipline” of these authoritarians again -- something they ended when the church was playing footsy with communists.

Russian politicians are supporting this antigay prejudice and encouraging it. And the Russian police stood on the sidelines allowing the attacks to take place mimicking the corrupt socialist regime of Robert Mugabe in Zimbabwe. When Marco Capatto, a member of the European Parliament was attacked he demanded protection from the Russian police. They instead arrested him.

Russia is not a free country. It is not ruled by decent men but by thugs. And the rest of the world needs to realize this. Putin deserves no respect and Russia no support or aid from any international body. But don’t expect that to happen. After all they are only beating up a bunch of faggots.

Of course I'm waiting for that moron, Scott Long, of Human Rights Watch to argued that Russian police attack gays only because the inequities they suffered from the West during the Cold War. (See this article to understand what I mean.) Film of the attack can be found on the BBC by following the link provided here.

Update: More information on the attack on gay petitioners by Nazis, churchgoers, and Russian police has come out. The Russian police, still used to the KGB methods of lying, claim that arrest German member of parliament Volker Beck to protect him from being beaten. Beck said that when the police arrested him it was the police who beat him.

Associated Press reports that there were at least 100 police present who did not act to prevent the mob of skinheads and religious groups from attacking the small group of individuals who had gone to city hall to present a petition to the mayor to allow freedom of assembly. An official spokesman for the government of Moscow praised the police for the attack saying that what they did was a “coordinated and polite” action “in strict accordance with the law.” Things haven’t change since the antigay Communists ran Moscow.

Associated Press confirms that in addition to the neo-Nazi groups there were individuals who “carried icons or other isignia of the Russian Orthodox Church and one man wore the garb of an Orthodox priest.” The reporter for AP says that one attacked well-known gay rights activist Peter Tatchell of England and then a man being punching him. Police ignored both of them and arrested Tatchell. They also report that none of the people who actually did the attacking were arrested only the victims.

Richard Fairbrass, the singer from Right Said Fred was also attacked at the scene who spoke to reporters with blood dripping from his face.

The German Green Party has asked Chancellor Angela Merkel to raise the issue of human rights at the upcoming G8 meeting with the leader of the Russian regime,Vladimir Putin. I suspect Merkel is going to be too busy trying to upstage the US about carbon dioxide emissions to worry about such things.

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