Friday, June 08, 2007

Creationist's Adam in a sexy, hot water.

The Creationist “museum” set up by fundamentalist lunatics has run into their first minor scandal. They hired the male model Eric Linden to appear as the mythical Adam in a film depicting the equally mythical Garden of Eden.

Admitted it was just a 40 second video but the creationists are worried. Apparently Mr. Linden doesn’t live up to their high moral standards -- but then who does?

Apparently Mr. Linden has flaunted “his sexual exploits online” and ownes a sexually graphic site called Bedroom Acrobat where he posed besides a drag queen. The website now says that LInden is “not affiliated with the content of this site in ANY way”. The odd thing is that the site doesn’t allow you in at all but will send you to Linden’s personal website if you wish.

Editor & Publisher says that Linden claims he gave the domain name to someone else but that the name was register to Linden 18 months ago. The so-called Creation Museum says they are “investigating the veracity of these serious claims of his participation in projects that don’t align with the biblcal standards and moral code upon which this ministry was founded.” Note they are a ministry not a real museum. Their museum is a fraudulent as their beliefs.

And, to make it worse, there are rumors that Mr. Linden was more into Steve than Eve.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Screened Out: Gay Images in Film

Hopefully you can see this. The morons have made this trailer on this new documentary on early gay themed films unavailable to anyone with a Mac because they can't block the trailer from being copied. It is just a trailer and not the entire film and they are waiting to promote the show on TCM. If you ask me they are cutting off their nose to spite their face. Stupid, very stupid.

Monday, June 04, 2007

Lawsuit could threaten gay dating services too.

A lesbian has filed a law suit to force eHarmony, a match making outfit, to admit gay and lesbian clients. The service is run by fundamentalist nutters and tries to appeal to evangelicals and Christians as their client base. I think the woman filing the suit is being short-sighted and I think she is in the wrong.

First, if the clients of this service are evangelicals and fundamentalists who are attracted to their right-wing, moralistic views then exactly what sort of partner does she expect to find there? None, obviously. If anything eHarmony does gays a service by removing such morons from the dating pool of other services. Concentrating fundamentalist losers in one service improves the client base of every other dating service around. And they know it.

The plaintiff is not seeking a date here. She is merely trying to punish this company. And do we want a precedent that could close down the many gay only services that exist? It is common sense that when it comes to dating that people do discriminate. They have to. Every gay man discriminates on the basis of gender when he picks a male partner over a female one. The radical egalitarianism that this woman is promoting is destructive to everyone. It helps no one but her own ego.

We ought to have gay only services. We need them. And that means we need to allow straight only dating services as well. And it is fine to have ones that only allow people of certain religious affiliations to join as well.

This woman did not face a monopoly service provider. She has many other dating services at her disposal including many that cater specifically to the kind of partner she is allegedly seeking. I say allegedly because I don’t believe her law suit is about finding a partner at eHarmony at all. The fact is that the free market in dating services offers many outlets. And since these are on line outlets she could access them immediately and easily. She was not harmed in any way. is going out of its way to advertise to attract the people who don’t meet eHarmony’s test for admittance. It is one of their commercials which you can see above. They advertise that they are looking for clients who want relationships on their own terms and not on the terms imposed by the company -- as is the case with eHarmony.

“is the most comprehensive gay relationship site and the only one focused exclusively on today’s gay man.” So what would happen if these woman wins her lawsuit? She would probably line her pocket with money as would her ambulance chasing attorney. But she would open a can of worms that could financially devastate companies like MyPerfectPartner. Since they don’t offer dating services to fundamentalist heterosexuals wanting monogamous females for breeding purposes then every evangelical bigot with a hatred for homosexuals has the chance to file a lawsuit against gay dating services for not catering to them.

Freedom of association is important especially in relationships. People must be free to pick their partners on their own terms and that also means rejecting unsuitable matches. Their is efficiency elements in services that cater only to Mormons, gays, or any discernible group especially when people are seeking partners of similar characteristics.

The dating market for gay people is inherently small compared to the straight market. Our search costs are rather high in comparison. So having gay only clubs or dating services allows us to more efficiently find partners. The radical egalitarianism that says everything must be open to everyone harms those with high search costs the most. A gay man might win access to a straight club but for each gay man who now has access there then 25 straight men can enter the gay club. The minority will always find itself outnumbered so even if all the straight men were pleasant and gay supportive the search for a partner is much harder.

The search costs for straight people will only go up a slight bit if straight-only clubs disappear. The search costs for gay people will go up significantly if gay only clubs disappear. When it comes to relationships and institutions that cater to help people find those relationships the right to focus exclusive on niche markets is important one that is beneficial to everyone. I hope this law suit fails. It does no good for the gay community and the potential for harm is great.

Meanwhile, if you are looking for a dating service to find a partner I suggest you try the gay services that exist before your right to do so is stripped away by this law suit.