Friday, June 08, 2007

Creationist's Adam in a sexy, hot water.

The Creationist “museum” set up by fundamentalist lunatics has run into their first minor scandal. They hired the male model Eric Linden to appear as the mythical Adam in a film depicting the equally mythical Garden of Eden.

Admitted it was just a 40 second video but the creationists are worried. Apparently Mr. Linden doesn’t live up to their high moral standards -- but then who does?

Apparently Mr. Linden has flaunted “his sexual exploits online” and ownes a sexually graphic site called Bedroom Acrobat where he posed besides a drag queen. The website now says that LInden is “not affiliated with the content of this site in ANY way”. The odd thing is that the site doesn’t allow you in at all but will send you to Linden’s personal website if you wish.

Editor & Publisher says that Linden claims he gave the domain name to someone else but that the name was register to Linden 18 months ago. The so-called Creation Museum says they are “investigating the veracity of these serious claims of his participation in projects that don’t align with the biblcal standards and moral code upon which this ministry was founded.” Note they are a ministry not a real museum. Their museum is a fraudulent as their beliefs.

And, to make it worse, there are rumors that Mr. Linden was more into Steve than Eve.

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