Saturday, May 26, 2007

Dutch gay man assaulted by youths

A gay man in Amsterdam was assaulted by three Moroccan youths. Jeroen Bulterman reports that his partner and he had been having dinner together at the home of Jeroen's mother. His partner Alexander stayed there for sometime after Jeroeen left. He was on his way home when the gang attacked him.

He was knocked to the ground and then three youths, speaking Arabic to one another, dragged him to Rembrandt park and threw him into a lake. They spent two hours on the shore taunting him and throwing things at him trying to hit him. Only when a car drove into the park with bright headlights did the youths run away. Dutch police have confirmed the incident and say that the victim was very traumatized by it.

Comment: What I find interesting about this Expatica article on the attack is that while it tells us the gang were Moroccan and spoke "Arabic" that it never mentions the word Islam. Why ignore the fact that Islam may be involved here due to its demands that homosexuals be killed? Can the media forget that when Theo van Gogh was murdered it in Amsterday it was by an Islamist intent on punishing him for his criticism of the bigoted nature of Islamic fundamentalists? It's not politically correct even if it is factually correct.

Consider this story at Expatica. The editor of the gay newspaper The Washington Blade, Chris Crain, was visiting Amsterday when Moroccan youths attacked him. Crain had previously praised Amsterdam for its tolerance but learned that tolerance didn't carry over to the Islamic community. Henk Krol, editor of Gay Krant, says he later told Crain that it is now "safer in the countryside for homosexuals than in the large Dutch cities." A survey of Dutch gays showed that a third said they are afraid to hold hands in city. And the article quotes a gay immigrant saying: "it is known that homosexuality is difficult to harmonize with the Arab mentality."

The world "Muslim" only comes up in the article to imply that anyone concerned about Islamic values is racist. The article says there is "a culture clash with the predominantly Christian ethnic Dutch" when in fact most Dutch are secular. The article, in masterful understatement says "immigrant Muslims have been reported to view homosexuality with disdain." See, it is only "reported" they hate gays. It says that: "This view and differences over the treatment of women, concerns of immigrant crime and issues of integration hae sparked a backlash against immigration from ethich Dutch." Forced marriages and subordination of women is just a "difference". How quickly the Left is willing to allow bigots to go on the rampage as long as they are a racial minority.

But the real asshole in that article has to be Scott Long, who is supposed to be director of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgendered Rights Project of Human Rights Watch. Long blames the whole attack on gays, not on Islamic hatred of homosexuals, but on the racist Dutch (some of the least racist people around). "There's still an extraordinary degree of racism in Dutch society. Gays often becomes the victims of this when immigrants retaliated for the inequities that they (Muslims) have to suffer." See because people are racists the poor, peaceful, normally gay-loving loving Islamists "retaliate" and run around bashing gays. It's not the Islamic culture at fault it is Dutch racism. This is how Expactica reports on gay bashing. Talk about PC crap. And I only hope that Long ends up swimming in a lake in Rembrandt Park in the middle of the night. With advocates for gay rights like this who needs enemies!

Photo: The photo is of Chris Crain three days after the assault by Islamic bigots in Amsterdam. So you can imagine how much worse it was when it happened. I repeat: Scott Long is an asshole and the Human Rights Watch is a joke unworthy of support for hiring this apologist for bigotry. By the way this moron is still on the staff of this organization. If these are the people watching out for human rights no wonder rights are going down the toilet.

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