Saturday, May 26, 2007

Gay threat bigger than terrorist threat

So exactly how much of a threat is terrorism? Apparently not much, at least not as much as the threat from being gay. That is how the Neanderthals that run the US military see things. Recently three more Arabic language interpreters for the military were discharged for being gay. It is more important to the Bush administration to get the anti-gay message alive than to interpret information about potential terrorist attacks. I know the "gay threat" issues is entirely bogus and I suspect that most of the "terrorist" issue is overblown considerably.

One former interpreter who was discharged, Stephen Benjamin, says his work was so vital that his supervisor tried to persuade him to sign a statement saying he was straight. But if he did he could later be prosecuted for lying so he refused. Benjamin did not violate the phony "Don't ask, Don't Tell" policy imposed by Bill Clinton. Instead the military actively investigated the matter. He did not tell but they did ask. Like most government "contracts" the bureaucrats feel they have the right to change the terms anytime they wish while you are bound to strict letter of the "contract". That's not a contract. It's more akin to blackmail.

Now you know how serious the terrorist threat really is.


Phoebe said...

I gotta tell you, as a person who has been around both, this is my take: the suicide bombings are just a bit more abominable. If Georgie was around when anything went on, maybe he'd concur.

Here's a cute piece called "Why Pride?

George said...

this administration blows. gays should be able to do whatever str8s can do, its called equality.