Thursday, March 22, 2007

The Nicholas Hoult gay scene.

A few weeks back I mentioned the British drama Skins, a show of negligible value plot wise but which has more young male flesh than you can shake a stick at. And the previews I see, the bits here and there when my other show is on a commercial break, indicates they are still doing their best to strip the boys to as a little as possible as frequently as possible. I suspect someone at the network is getting their jollies.

I mentioned that an episode concentrate on a strained friendship between Muslim Anwar and ├╝bercute Maxxie, played by Mitch Hewer. And there is still a scarcity of decent photos of Hewer on the net. Very odd indeed. Even the official website for the show only has a few, fuzzy, small photos. Anyway Maxxie and the main character Tony, played Nicholas Hoult, have a very brief fling at Tony's insistance. Tony kisses Maxxie and then briefly goes down on him only to be seen by his girlfriend, who he thought was passed out in a drunken stupor (typical plot line -- drugs, alcohol and sex -- not particularly interesting actually).

Anyway I have two video clips to share. The first one is just a strange little clip, not from the show actually, but from a promotion for the show. It shows Maxxie's "video diary". It is a bit amusing. And while Maxxie doesn't look as cute in this clip as he usual does it gives some context. I add that one in because the clip of the actual kissing scene was rather dark and you never get a good look at Maxxie there. So enjoy.

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