Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Gay video producer brutally murdered.

Bryan Kocis, aka Bryan Phillips, of Dallas, Pennsylvannia was found murdered. Kocis, 44, was the owner of Cobra Video, which produced gay erotic videos. According to reports Kocis was found in his home with his throat slit and with 28 stab wounds in the torso.

There was no sign of forced entry implying that Kocis knew his killer. Neighbors of the man say that in recent years he was very paranoid about who he allowed into his home and wouldn’t answer the door unless he knew in advance someone was coming. A neighbor said: “Whoever he let in that night, he had to have known.”

Kocis had a small bit of legal trouble a few years ago when police found a video tape of him having sex with a 15-year-old. But most charges were dropped in that case when the 15-year-old admitted that he misrepresented his age to Kocis.

Kocis was discovered after the killer set fire to the residence. When firefighters arrived they found the burned body. Police are going through computer records that were salvaged and phone records to find clues as to the possible identity of the killer.

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