Monday, January 29, 2007

Third rate mayor attacks gays as Satanic.

For a very short time Russia had moved into the category of being civilized and working on being free. No longer. Under the leadership of Putin the Russian people are being slowly dragged back to Stalinism. Well, maybe not so slowly

Yur Luzhkov is the mayor of Moscow and like most politicians not particularly intelligent. He hates homosexuals. In today’s Russia hating homosexuals and Jews is making a comeback. Luzhkov, like the socialist dictator of Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe, loves to make public speeches attacking gays. And he recently said that gays are “satanic”. His message of hate was broadcast on the city-controlled TV channel -- another good reason governments should never own television channels.

Luzhkov said that he will never allow a gay parade in Moscow. Last year he banned the parade to saying it would cause violence. When gays marched anyway skinheads and the city police attacked them. Apparently gays in Moscow are responsible for the violence the same ways Jews were responsible for the Holocaust.

The Russian Orthodox Church, which appeased the previous Communist masters and co-operated with them, is once again opposing human rights. A spokesman for this sect called gay rights “the malignancy of perversions”. As if co-operating with mass murdering Communist dictators for decades was neither malignant nor perverted. The Russian Orthodox Church has no moral authority.

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