Thursday, February 01, 2007

More moves for equality for gay couples.

Equality before the law for gay couples continues to make progress -- sometimes slow progress but progress none the less.

In New Hampshire Republican Bob Clegg, a former leader of the state senate, is introducing legislation to establish civil unions for gay couples and others who do not wish to marry. Clegg also opposes moves to change the state constitution to ban gay marriage saying “I don’t believe we need to amend the constitution.”

In Connecticut, where civil unions are now available to gay couples, members of the legislature say they will introduce legislation offering gays full marriage rights.

Hawaii also appears headed toward another discussion of gay marriage rights. A move ten years ago by the state to legalize gay marriage created the current uproar, inspired gay activists, and terrified religious fanatics. The new bill that Democrats say they will introduce would establish Civil Unions for gay couples granting the same legal recognition as heterosexual marriages.

In Washington state a bill to create domestic partnerships is headed for a vote in the state Senate. The measure passed out of committe on a 4 to 3 vote. A siminarl measure in the state house is expected to move out of committee in the next few days.

Meanwhile in Mexico two lesbians have become the first gay couple to enter a Civil Union under the new law in the state of Coahuila. Karla Lopex and Karina Almaquer, from Matamoros registered their civil unin in Saltillo. The couple say the Mexican media has been following them everywhere.

So far reports confirm that no earthquakes, tidal waves or bolts of lightening have devestated the region. Jehovah is apparently not as concerned about gay marriage as some have led us to believe. Jehovah could not be reached for comment.

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