Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Harry Potter naked.

Here is a sneak preview of what London theatre goers will be enjoying in just a few days. Daniel Radclifee, a.k.a Harry Potter will be taking to the stage totally naked for some extended full frontal scenes. Rumour has it that teenage girls are saving their pence to inundate the theatre. No doubt many a cell phone will be used to try to take photos. The most sought after seats will be those on the stage -- only a matter of inches from the action -- so to speak.

Radcliffe is playing the role of Alan Strang in the play Equus. It's a damn fine play I might say. And with the theatre releasing photos like this they won't have any trouble selling tickets. It is obvious our young Mr. Potter is all grown up and grown up rather nicely. That sure is one damn lucky horse. Daniel might well wish to have his invisibility cloak for this production but I dare say many a glance with focus more on his magic wand.

UPDATE: A group of morality mullahs in Australia are upset about the Radcliffe role. The political party, the Christian Democratic Party, which bills itself as "The Christian Party" "objects to the leading star of the Harry Potter movie series, Daniel Radcliffe, stripping naked in a new productionof Equus..." I suggest then that they not buy tickets. The Christianists said: "Young children see their 'heroies' as positive role models and are very much influenced by what their favorite singers and actors say and do. Radcliffe is now 17 years old and is old enough to appreciate the social responsibility he must shoulder towards his younger fans."

See, "social responsibility" means that others apparently have the right to control you. I don't mean stopping you from harming others but stopping you from doing things which harm no one simple because moral busybodies are offended. Social responsibility is a dangerous concept and one that wipes out individual rights and responsibility. Radcliffe is responsible for what he does to others. And as far as I can see running around naked on stage is far less damaging than sitting in parliament. To see other photos from this promotional photo shoot go here.

Please remember that if one those screaming girls who pursue Harry does post a sneeky peek at Daniel's willy on the internet that if you live in the United States you could go to prison for life for viewing or downloading that photo. In spite of the fact that he is obviously not a child under US law such a photo of Radcliffe would qualify as "child pornography". It is, however, legal to watch his prance around naked in person on the stage. No one said that US law was consistent or rational.


Anonymous said...

of course it's not the responsibility of the parents to tell the young children how to act, no, you leave that to other - seems about right for the world today (and the church)

OK so we now know Mr Radcliffe gets naked (and more power to him, and let's see more male nudity, I say) and we know there is "suggested"(I hope) animal cruelty (hey, he's playing the guy who blinded horses with a metal spike) so if you don't want to see this, read the next line real careful

DON'T GO SEE THE PLAY,But don't spoil it for others

Personally I would not see it just because of the animal thing - but I have nothing against seeing Mr Radcliffe naked. Maybe the whole audience should strip as well.

CLS said...

To be precise there is actually no animal in the play. The animal is depicted by a dancer who is wearing the outline of a horse head. And the cruelty is the reason for the play. The reason the boy is in therapy is an attempt to find out what caused him to blind the horses he cared for and loved so much.

Anonymous said...

It's a shame that a man's nude body can only be viewed in the context of a museum before it is considered art. Sadly though, to many Americans find nudity of any kind to be a sin (and the muslim say we are too liberal a nation. they obviously don't see these reports of people bitching about this nudity)... So tell me.. Daniel is 17 now but he will be 18 when??? Then we can look at his pics... then maybe he can star in the film version.