Tuesday, January 30, 2007

"Profamily" hypocrite wants gay business, divorces wife.

A former state senator from Tennessee, Jeff Miller, made a name for himself by legislative gay bashing. The Republican sponsored legislation mandating marriage inequality for the state which denied children in gay households the right to have married parents. This, of course, makes him “profamily” in Right wing jargon.

Now Miller is retired, sort of. Like most politicians he still wants to make money off of power politics. And the way to do that is turn into a lobbyist. Miller has sent out letters saying: “I have worked closely with and become dear friends with many holding officers and those who keep the wheels turning behind the scenes.” In other words he is saying that you hire him and pay him well and he get seek special privileges from government on your behalf.

Miller resigned office a year ago amidst an investigation into bribery which saw several arrests. He admitted receiving $1,000 from one lobbyist but claimed it was a campaign contribution.

Miller’s legislation to “protect marriage” was proposed by him while he was having an extramarital affair with a legislative employee. Three days after his “promarriage” proposal was approved for the state ballot his wife filed for divorce due to his “inappropriate marital conduct”.

In his letter Miller said that he intends to become a lobbyist when a mandatory one year waiting period ends. But he has offered to “consult” people who wish to seek favors from the legislature, something he can do without a waiting period.

Here’s the kicker! Miller solicited the Tennessee Equality Project, which supports equal marriage rights for gays, to hire him as a consultant and would-be lobbyist. Does the man have any principles which are not for sale?

During the divorce Miller pleaded for his right to privacy. “Divorce is a very difficult time for everyone. It is a very private matter which is played out in public proceedings.” Apparently while Miller’s marriage is a private matter the marriages of gay couples are a public matter open to the vote of everyone in the community. Perhaps Miller’s divorce should have had voter approval first!

Miller’s wife says the hypocritical Republican and the legislative researcher have “been seeing each other for a while. Now he admits things. But he said it’s only been since he moved out. But I know better. I’ve got things that tell me differently.” When another Republican tried to push through an amendment saying adultery was “contrary to public policy in Tennesse” Miller opposed that move. Gee, I wonder why? The former Mrs. Miller said: “I think he’s played around for a long time... It’s not any more wrong to be gay than to commit adultery.”

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